Every student aspires to perform well in their academic life, and if you are one, you have to begin by writing quality descriptive essays. As much as most students fear essay writing, writing an excellent descriptive essay can prove easier than most would imagine. You only have to understand what it entails and how to structure the piece.

So what does a descriptive essay entail? It aims at revealing a subject’s meaning through a detailed observation. Additionally, the essay uses the creation of vivid images of a place, thing, or person to convey its message. As such, by utilising the power that language evokes in terms of activating the five senses, comes in handy in making a descriptive essay effective.

So what steps should you consider in writing a descriptive essay?

The five steps in writing a brilliant descriptive essay

  • The prewriting phase of a descriptive essay. Here, you have to carefully think about what or who you have to describe besides the underlying reasons for your choice. Would you prefer to write concerning a significant figure of the society in your personal life or maybe a place or an object? The subject can prove simple and not something unusual or famous.
    Once you successfully pick a subject, you have to spend some vital time in thinking through some of the vital qualities you would wish to describe. Thoroughly brainstorm all the associated details concerning a subject and this can entail the surroundings in cases where you don’t have to write about a place. It’s good to consider aspects such as the location of an object or where an individual life. But beyond this, also factor in the feelings, ideas, and memories the topic can evoke.
  • Make a draft of the essay by following a crafted outline. However, remember to show rather than tell your description. You can only achieve this by invoking the five senses of touch, sight, hearing, taste, and smell.
  • Revise the essay. In this phase, you have to review, reorganise, and modify your work to refine it to the best version possible. Try and reread your work by considering aspects like; does the essay piece unravel in a manner that the audience can completely appreciate the topic. Can the choice of words besides the figurative language be used to engage all the senses besides conveying the appropriate emotion? Does it contain sufficient information to paint the complete picture? Can someone make a connection between the subject description and the implication to the individual writing? It’s crucial to always keep such things in mind between the moments you start writing to the time you conclude the piece.
    Further, a descriptive essay piece has to precisely detail information from a general perspective to a more refined and specific viewpoint.
  • Edit the essay. Here, you have to proofread your work and correct some of the mistakes you might have committed including mechanics and grammar. Get rid of clichés and use lots of adverbs and adjectives. Further, you can entrust your work to a trusted friend to help you read the work and identify errors. 
  • Publish your work. It can prove scary and exciting at the same time to share your work with peers.


You can develop an excellent descriptive essay once you understand and adhere to the outlined guidelines. So good luck.