Criminal justice is one of the most exciting topics to write an essay about because you can explore multiple crime essay topics. However, picking the right fit with so many topics available may take some work. To simplify the process, start by determining which category you will choose.

What are some topics in criminal justice?

There are basic topics, argumentative topics, and reform topics. This article will show you a list of criminal justice college essay topics for each of these categories.

Basic criminal justice essay topics

  1. Gender disparities in crime rates in the United States.
    This topic can address the gender differences in crime rates among people in the United States.
  2. How digitization influences crime rate among teens?
    There are multiple benefits of digitization, but there are also some disadvantages. One of the most common disadvantages is the corresponding increase in crime rate. This essay on criminal justice should address how the internet may make it easier for teens to get into crime.
  3. At-risk youths and organized crime.
    Crime syndicates prey on juveniles without stable families, those in shelters, and those lacking social, emotional, and financial security.
  4. Crime in colleges: what is responsible for the rapid surge?
    Maintaining law and order on campuses has always been the university’s responsibility. However, crime rates on campuses have surged significantly between the early 90s and 20s.
  5. What are white-collar crimes?
    White-collar crimes are non-violent crimes that typically take place in the corporate world. These crimes are financially motivated and can ruin businesses and lives even if they are not violent.
  6. The role of the criminal justice system in curbing crime.
    The criminal justice system was set up to control crime rates across sectors. However, what are their specific roles, and how have these systems contributed to curbing crime?
  7. Police brutality: a racially motivated crime against society.
    You can write about how most victims of police brutality are people of color.
  8. How can the criminal justice system stop unjust convictions?
    Every sector of the criminal justice system has a role to play in ensuring the rule of law.
  9. The criminal justice system and its role in inequality.
    You can write about all the possible ways the current criminal justice system in the United States promotes inequality.

Criminal justice argumentative essay topic

  1. Should government agencies regulate the internet to curb cybercrime?
    You can write about how a more centralized internet will be less prone to cybercrime.
  2. Does systematic racism influence conviction in the United States?
    People of color are victims of systematic racism in various sectors of society. Is the criminal justice system also part of the problem?
  3. Who is responsible for the abuse of power in the criminal justice system?
    Despite the presence of checks and balances, there is still a tendency to abuse power in the criminal justice system.
  4. Do social, cultural, and economic circumstances influence criminal behavior?
  5. Should the government be held responsible for the high crime rate in developing communities?
  6. Plea bargaining: an ineffective strategy in the criminal justice system.
    While the criminal justice system uses plea bargaining to get convictions, some may argue that it disrupts justice.
  7. Should the insanity defense be eliminated in instances of violent crimes?

Criminal justice reform essay topics

  1. What are some viable alternatives to traditional methods of criminal corrections?
    You can write an essay about some alternatives to prison for non-violent offenders.
  2. Punishment vs. Rehabilitation: which is more efficient in reducing the crime rate?
    There is a school of thought that punishment is ineffective in reducing crime rates. Make an essay addressing this topic.
  3. Is the death penalty a fitting punishment for crime?
    Write criminal justice essay papers for or against the death penalty. This is one of the most argumentative essay topics in crime for ethical reasons.
  4. Should felons have the right to vote?
    Felon disenfranchisement is a highly controversial topic in the criminal justice system. You can write an essay about why prisoners should be allowed to vote.
  5. Criminal justice reform for juvenile delinquents.
  6. A detailed analysis of the need for criminal reform in the United States.
  7. Addressing logical fallacies in the criminal justice system.
  8. Should drug addicts be convicted and sent to prisons or rehabilitation centers?
  9. Understanding the components of a criminal justice system.


Now you know the best criminal justice topics to write about, you can choose the most suitable option for your assignment. The criminal justice topics on this list can be used for short and long essays, depending on what you want.